Dry Needling

New to the health practitioners bow is “Dry Needling” a somewhat controversial treatment between Physiotherapist’s and Acupuncturists. Dry Needling is the insertion of the same filiform needles that an Acupuncturist would use inserted into the well known trigger points of the muscles.

Dry Needling often produces a twitch or a jump response which helps the tight muscle to loosen off. By reducing trigger points in a muscle we increase its ability to function, allowing greater stretch and better strength by having all systems firing. Once a trigger point releases often the patterns of referred pain are also reduced.

Purely a musculoskeletal treatment, Deep or Superficial Dry Needling aids in the recovery and rehabilitation of dysfunctional movement patterns that often lead to pain and impingement.

Dry Needling is utilised as part of a Remedial Massage Treatment at no extra cost. If you would like to experience Dry Needling in your next treatment let Rebekah know and she can advise you how it can be of benefit.

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