Relaxation Massage

One hour full body relaxation massage is the “top to toe” experience of total relaxation. Rebekah will use flowing connecting techniques with a moderate pressure to enhance blood flow, diffuse stress and generate a feeling of peace and calm. Relaxation Massage incorporates the use of essential oils to enhance the relaxation experience.


Acupuncture is the Traditional Chinese treatment that uses superfine needles to to tap into the bodies natural energy resources and either enhance them or suppress them to restore balance and equilibrium. The needles may be placed in various points along the channels of energy, each one carefully selected according to its specific function.    Acupuncture is a calming and deeply relaxing treatment that has tremendous effect on the nervous system and is useful in treating Anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, Gynaecological and Musculoskeletal complaints.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is the use of Fine needles to release trigger points and Taught lines within the musculoskeletal system. These Trigger points and taught lines interfere with free range of movement and often result in pain. Dry Needling is a more vigorous style of treatment and can leave you with some post treatment soreness. This usually resolves within 24 Hrs and leaves you with greater Range of movement and reduced pain.

Infant Massage

Learn how to give your baby therapeutic massage. Enhance the bond between parent and child. Therapeutic Massage has been shown to enhance myelination of the nervous system and improve body awareness and learning. Enjoy a classroom/workshop environment with friends or the one on one experience. Enquire today.

Massage Workshops

Ever wanted to give your partner a massage? To be able to help them unwind at the end of a long day? Do you have children in sport that are always complaining of sore and tired legs/arms/bodies in general?

Rebekah’s Massage workshops teach you how to help in these situations. A 90 min workshop shows you the basic’s of getting the blood flowing, dispersing stress, flushing  lactic acid after a big workout and even some pre event massage for those weekend warriors out there!