Winter’s here! – Cold and Flu Season

Townsville’s ‘Winter’ may be less dramatic than other areas of the country but the subtle changes in environment effect our bodies nonetheless. You may have already noticed your skin is slightly dryer, muscles and joints are stiffer, energy levels are lower, and colds and flus are on the rise. Attempting to maintain the same energy output as in Summer can leave us feeling run-down if we don’t take appropriate measures to support our bodies.

What happens to our ‘Qi’ (vital energy) during Winter?

In Winter our energy resides in the deepest level of our bodies to nourish and protect the internal organs. Consider how we curl ourselves up in chilly weather; our Qi does the same. It’s for this reason that physical activity is less, and Winter’s the best time of the year to nourish and build the foundational energy. This is particularly applicable to those feeling the effects of adrenal exhaustion. Winter is the time of the Kidneys in Chinese Medicine and those with sub-optimal Kidney function may notice these symptoms exacerbated.

Rahni’s Winter Tips to Support our Health:

  • Allow extra time for sleep. As the days get shorter it’s a reasonable excuse to retire a bit earlier in the evening.
  • Winter foods: Food has a directional energy in our bodies which can support or undermine the natural flow of our Qi. Choose warmer foods in Winter (simple logic), not just warmer temperature but also warm energetically (eg, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger).
  • For those with tight neck and shoulder muscles: While the main part of the body might feel warm enough, the neck could use extra protection. In a cool breeze our neck muscles tend to tighten to protect the nerves and blood vessels servicing our heads. Cold contracts muscles, warmth relaxes them. It’s a great time to rock a nice

    Sick couple catch cold. Man and woman sneezing, coughing. People got flu, having runny nose.


How can Acupuncture help?

If you’re feeling the need for an immune boost or some help managing aches and pains, Acupuncture might be just the thing for you. At Karma Life Clinic we offer free 15min consultations to discuss your health and give you a rough treatment plan.


Your Acupuncturist is one healthcare practitioner that does not mind you turning up to your appointment coughing and sneezing! A sneeze is a sign that the pathogen is in the surface still and may be easily expelled with our techniques.

Do you suffer chesty complaints EVERY WINTER???

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