Spring has Sprung!


Can you feel it? The turn of the season, the warmth in the air?

The Beach almonds shed their leaves and the vigour of new growth. The birds are far more active and chatty, they rise earlier and you see the flirt of male and female interaction. The bees are busy collecting the pollens of the spring blossoms. You may even find your partner a little more frisky than usual as the Liver channel encircles the genital region the invigorated Yang Qi in this area may spice up the action in your love life.

(Chong Boy loves his Frangipanis)







People begin to emerge from their withdrawn winter state and become more social. We fire up the bbq and start sharing the warmth of ourselves with others.

However, it is not time to throw off the Doona and crank up the air con just yet! Our yang is rising but similar to a sprout emerging from the ground it is not yet strong enough to stand alone in the wilderness and still needs the warmth and protection of compost surrounding it. In the classic yin yang image above we are the little spot of warmth emerging from the cool darkness of winter.  Nurture this warmth by staying rugged up keep that loose scarf handy and soft sleeves at night are still important. In clinical practice at the change of season we see a lot of Wind Cold Invasion in the lower back and neck – this occurs when the Cold enters the body at the Yang Points that are not energetically strong enough enough to repel the prevailing pathogen (in this case cold) this results in Sharp stabbing catching pain generally causing a locking up and of the surrounding muscles preventing you from turning one way. Cupping and Acupuncture are a great way to combat these ailments at this time.

Spring is a time for shedding the extra that you stored for the winter and getting a bounce back in your step. You may find your just not that hungry and your desire for warm heavy foods has diminished. You seek cooler salads and lighter meats like fish and Poultry. Foods to eat at this time nurture the upward growth of the season, Celery, sprouts leaks, onions, bitter greens such as dandelion. Chicken is a nice light protein to be enjoying at this time. Bring in Pungent flavours into your cooking to invigorate the Qi and excite your palette. Fennel, caraway, mint etc. Now is the time to give that Vietnamese salad a go! You might find you feel more invigorated as you explore new flavours.

In Chinese medicine the organ most Dominant in spring is the Liver and Gall bladder. So now is the time for planning and executing your plan. Be decisive and ensure smooth transitions take place. The liver likes things to flow smoothly and the gallbladder hates indecision. Check this article out on setting SMART goals. https://www.yourcoach.be/en/coaching-tools/smart-goal-setting.php

 My Crazy Paddling buddies getting in some waterfall asana in Tahiti…

Okido Yoga is a Japanese form of yoga that practices different Asanas with each season in line with five element theory of TCM and Japanese Acupuncture… Spring is the time for Twists. Twists help to Compress the liver and gall bladder blanching it of blood an allowing it to be purged and cleansed. They help to squeeze the gallbladder to ensure the bile sludge is moving along and not sitting stagnant in the tiny little organ. Twisting helps to mobilise the digestion and promotes peristalsis thus encouraging complete evacuation of your stools. You can help your Gall bladder and liver along by taking moderate amounts of Lemon in water, ensuring a good balance of vinegar along with your fats and avoiding hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Liver Controls the tendons and ligaments so now is the time to get active and prep that summer Body! Be sure to honour your own limits and stretch well to warm up and ease into it at your own pace. Starting with some gentle TaiChi or easy hatha yoga is a great way to ease into exercise. Find some buddies to train with to make it more fun and enjoyable. See Tracy Armstrong at  https://tracyarmstrongyoga.wordpress.com/about/ for a fantastic Yoga Class.

Stagnant Liver energy leads to frustration and agitation, a meek and sluggish Gallbladder leads to moments of indecision. A cranky liver can invade the Stomach leading to intermittent constipation and diarrhoea and IBS type symptoms. Often agitated by emotional upsets.


If you are experiencing any discomfort, agitation, altered digestive patterns or muscular aches and pains at this time of year a visit to your friendly Acupuncturist could be just what your body needs. BOOK ONLINE today at KARMA LIFE CLINIC.


Winter’s here! – Cold and Flu Season

Townsville’s ‘Winter’ may be less dramatic than other areas of the country but the subtle changes in environment effect our bodies nonetheless. You may have already noticed your skin is slightly dryer, muscles and joints are stiffer, energy levels are lower, and colds and flus are on the rise. Attempting to maintain the same energy output as in Summer can leave us feeling run-down if we don’t take appropriate measures to support our bodies. Continue reading…